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  1. Shop Talk by Frank Santos (page 1)
  2. You've Come a Long Way, Lawn-Mower Pusher by Alan B. Albin (2)
  3. In The Eyes of the Laymen by Eugene P. Elcik (2)
  4. The Importance of Water Management by Fred V. Grau (A-1)
  5. Automatic Irrigation Systems Integrated with Pumping Systems by Michael O. Mattwell (A-5)
  6. Installation of a Complete Water Source and Automatic System by Richard C. Blake (A-19)
  7. How the Soil Conservation Service Can Help in Golf Course Management by Christopher G. Mousitakis (A-22)
  8. Our Shrinking Environment by Haim B. Gunner (A-24)
  9. Pesticides' Dilemma - Emotion vs. Science by Allen H. Morgan (A-28)
  10. Effects of Turf Grasses and Trees in Neutralizing Waste Water by William E. Sopper (A-34)
  11. Unsolved and New Problems Developing in Golf Course Management by Alexander M. Radko (A-44)
  12. Coming of the Conglomerate Director of Golf Courses by Edmund B. Ault (A-48)
  13. Aquatic Weed Control by John E. Gallagher (A-52)
  14. What Project Apollo Has Done for Golf and Golf Course Architecture by Mal Purdy (A-54)
  15. Maintenance of Grass Tennis Courts by Wayne Zoppo (A-59)
  16. Diseases of Ornametnals Growing in Turf Areas by R.E. Partyka (A-62)
  17. Control of Turf Insects by John C. Schread (A-65)
  18. Lime for Turf by Henry W. Indyk (A-68)
  19. How to Stop Guessing When You Buy Seed by Dale Kern (A-71)
  20. Broad Aspects of Turf Grass Culture Other Than Golf Courses by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-79)
  21. Establishing and Maintaining Turf int he national Capitol Parks by Alton E. Rabbitt (A-81)
  22. Preventive Maintenance on Small One Cylinder Air Cooled Engine by F. W. Hazle (A-85)
  23. Top Fairway Mower Performance by James R. Maloney (A-95)
  24. Grinding Reel Type Mowers by Ray Christopherson (A-99)