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Turf Clippings


Editors: George Burke, Mark Loper, William Rolland
Adviser: Joseph Troll

To form a bond of common interest between the Turf Management Club, the alumni of the Stockbridge and Winter School Turf majors and all interested friends of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


  1. Shop Talk by Frank Santos (page 1)
  2. You've Come a Long Way, Lawn-Mower Pusher by Alan B. Albin (2)
  3. In The Eyes of the Laymen by Eugene P. Elcik (2)
  4. The Importance of Water Management by Fred V. Grau (A-1)
  5. Automatic Irrigation Systems Integrated with Pumping Systems by Michael O. Mattwell (A-5)
  6. Installation of a Complete Water Source and Automatic System by Richard C. Blake (A-19)
  7. How the Soil Conservation Service Can Help in Golf Course Management by Christopher G. Mousitakis (A-22)
  8. Our Shrinking Environment by Haim B. Gunner (A-24)
  9. Pesticides' Dilemma - Emotion vs. Science by Allen H. Morgan (A-28)
  10. Effects of Turf Grasses and Trees in Neutralizing Waste Water by William E. Sopper (A-34)
  11. Unsolved and New Problems Developing in Golf Course Management by Alexander M. Radko (A-44)
  12. Coming of the Conglomerate Director of Golf Courses by Edmund B. Ault (A-48)
  13. Aquatic Weed Control by John E. Gallagher (A-52)
  14. What Project Apollo Has Done for Golf and Golf Course Architecture by Mal Purdy (A-54)
  15. Maintenance of Grass Tennis Courts by Wayne Zoppo (A-59)
  16. Diseases of Ornametnals Growing in Turf Areas by R.E. Partyka (A-62)
  17. Control of Turf Insects by John C. Schread (A-65)
  18. Lime for Turf by Henry W. Indyk (A-68)
  19. How to Stop Guessing When You Buy Seed by Dale Kern (A-71)
  20. Broad Aspects of Turf Grass Culture Other Than Golf Courses by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-79)
  21. Establishing and Maintaining Turf int he national Capitol Parks by Alton E. Rabbitt (A-81)
  22. Preventive Maintenance on Small One Cylinder Air Cooled Engine by F. W. Hazle (A-85)
  23. Top Fairway Mower Performance by James R. Maloney (A-95)
  24. Grinding Reel Type Mowers by Ray Christopherson (A-99)