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Turf Clippings


Editors: Gregory Graham, Jerry Schoonmaker, Leslie Sheiber
Advisor: Joseph Troll

To form a bond of common interest between the Turf Management Club, the alumni of the Stockbridge and Winter School Turf majors and all interested friends of the University of Massachusetts Turf Program.


  1. Skunks Shoot Back by William Stewart (page 1)
  2. The Daily Plan: A Management Factor by Rob McIntyre (2)
  3. Teed Off by Samuel Pavadore (3)
  4. A Responsible Neighbor by Gerald Moscato (4)
  5. Drainage by David Clement (A-1)
  6. Fairway Renovation at Baltusrol Golf Club by Joseph R. Flaherty (A-4)
  7. Converting to Kentucky Bluegrass Fairways by Thomas Rewinski (A-10)
  8. Grooming the Golf Course by Melvin B. Lucas, Jr. (A-12)
  9. Turf Diseases of 1972, Controls and Prevention for 1973 by Stanley J. Zontek (A-13)
  10. Noncropland Weed Control by John E. Gallagher (A-16)
  11. Soil Factors Affecting Arsenic Toxicity by Robert N. Carrow (A-24)
  12. The Necessity of Cart Paths and Traffic Regulations by William G. Buchanan (A-27)
  13. Herbicides for Turfgrass Areas by John A. Jagschitz (A-29)
  14. Perspectives on Lawn Making and Keeping by Robert Schery (A-33)
  15. Stadium Turf Maintenance by George P. Toma (A-39)
  16. Highway Turfgrass by Robert W. Duell (A-44)
  17. Cemetery Maintenance by Martin Stolpe (A-50)
  18. Keeping Records by Al Barauskas (A-54)
  19. Planning Capital Expenditures by Sherwood A. Moore (A-59)
  20. British Golf Course Architecture -Historical Influences- Current Trends by F.W. Hawtree (A-64)
  21. Golf Course Architecture in North America By Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-70)