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  1. Skunks Shoot Back by William Stewart (page 1)
  2. The Daily Plan: A Management Factor by Rob McIntyre (2)
  3. Teed Off by Samuel Pavadore (3)
  4. A Responsible Neighbor by Gerald Moscato (4)
  5. Drainage by David Clement (A-1)
  6. Fairway Renovation at Baltusrol Golf Club by Joseph R. Flaherty (A-4)
  7. Converting to Kentucky Bluegrass Fairways by Thomas Rewinski (A-10)
  8. Grooming the Golf Course by Melvin B. Lucas, Jr. (A-12)
  9. Turf Diseases of 1972, Controls and Prevention for 1973 by Stanley J. Zontek (A-13)
  10. Noncropland Weed Control by John E. Gallagher (A-16)
  11. Soil Factors Affecting Arsenic Toxicity by Robert N. Carrow (A-24)
  12. The Necessity of Cart Paths and Traffic Regulations by William G. Buchanan (A-27)
  13. Herbicides for Turfgrass Areas by John A. Jagschitz (A-29)
  14. Perspectives on Lawn Making and Keeping by Robert Schery (A-33)
  15. Stadium Turf Maintenance by George P. Toma (A-39)
  16. Highway Turfgrass by Robert W. Duell (A-44)
  17. Cemetery Maintenance by Martin Stolpe (A-50)
  18. Keeping Records by Al Barauskas (A-54)
  19. Planning Capital Expenditures by Sherwood A. Moore (A-59)
  20. British Golf Course Architecture -Historical Influences- Current Trends by F.W. Hawtree (A-64)
  21. Golf Course Architecture in North America By Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-70)