Turf Clippings Conference Proceedings

Publication Date



  1. Fish Anyone? by Robert Gomes (page 1)
  2. Future of Turf by William Rolland (1)
  3. Pesticide Control by Peter Scoville (2)
  4. The Perfect Answer by Frank J. Dolson, Jr. (3)
  5. Bright Sayings (3)
  6. Class Will (4)
  7. Turfgrass Improvement in 1968 through Renovation by Alexander M. Radko (A-1)
  8. Winter Injury by A. Robert Masur (A-3)
  9. Spring and Summer Experiences of 1969 by James W. Timmerman (A-7)
  10. Growing Turf in the Transition Zone by George B. Thompson (A-10)
  11. GCSAA Certification by Norman Kramer (A-12)
  12. Air Pollution by Saul Rich (A-17)
  13. Breeding and Selection of Better Bluegrass Varieties by C. Reed Funk (A-23)
  14. Shade Grasses by Glen M. Wood (A-26)
  15. Pros and Cons of Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties from a Commercial Standpoint- Flyking and Common Kentucky Bluegrass by Doyle W. Jacklin (A-36)
  16. Pros and Cons of Merion Bluegrass by Margaret Herbst (A-42)
  17. Care and Maintenance of Highway Turf by John M. Zak (A-49)
  18. Thatch and Related Problems of Turf Management by Ralph E. Engel (A-53)
  19. Method of Operation of Turfgrass Disease Causing Fungi by Malcolm E. Shurtleff (A-55)
  20. Nutrition and its Relation to Turfgrass Diseas by Houston B. Couch (A-60)
  21. Turfgrass Disease Control by William C. Haskett (A-64)
  22. Interpretation of the Specialty Fertilizer Label by Henry W. Indyk (A-66)
  23. Bentgrasses by Robert W. Miller (A-70)







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