Publication Date



This year the newly organized Turf Management Club has undertaken the publication of a booklet featuring various aspects of turf work. Through this we are attempting to present material that will be of interest to those who are familiar with the Massachusetts Turf Schools. At the same time we hope that it may have some educational value by presenting the view of both of those of us on the job and others engaged in research and promotion and selling.

The publication will include information about the current years winter school and turf conference, articles about some of the professors here at the University who are responsible for the course work, reports about activities and honors earned by the Stockbridge Turf Majors while on campus; and reports on research in fine turf conducted here at the University of Massachusetts. There will also be articles written by men connected with turf work such as yourselves and articles written by staff members at the University.

The main objective of this publication is to form a bond of common interest and friendship between the alumni and other friends of our turf schools. Those of us who graduate this year are looking forward to getting the news from the university in years to come. We hope you feel the same.