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  1. Turf Management Club by John Traynor (page 1)
  2. Who Is Superintendent Here by H.E. Frenette (1)
  3. Good Turf Can Result from good Sodding (3)
  4. Golf Course Superintendent by Edwart Wiacek (4)
  5. Picture - Outstanding Senior Prof. Troll
  6. Picture - recognition for Blazers
  7. St. Andrew's, Scotland by William Hynd (5)
  8. Analogy of a Turf Manager by James B. Cole (6)
  9. Fish Trouble by Peter A. Langelier and Dennis P. Leger (8)
  10. Square Rings by Robert P. McGuire (9)
  11. A Different Type of Course by Robert Hall (10)
  12. Literature by Pierre Coste (11)
  13. Weeds in Golf Course Turf and Their Control by John F. Cornman (A-1)
  14. The USe of Liquid Fertilizer by Anthony B. Longo (A-3)
  15. Fertilizing a Golf Course Through an Irrigation System by Herbert E. Berg (A-6)
  16. The Extent of Winter Injury on Golf Courses by James L. Holmes (A-11)
  17. The Problem of Winter Injury by James B. Beard (A-13)
  18. Establishing, Maintaining, and Selling Sod for Turf Areas in New England by George F. Stewart (A-20)
  19. Problems of Maintaining Turf Around Industrial Grounds by George Moore (A-22)
  20. Landscaping Industrial sites by A.W. Boicourt (A-25)
  21. Introduction to the panel Discussion on Grasses for Tees and Their Management by Alexander M. Radko (A-28)
  22. Building a Golf Tee by Phil Cassidy (A-29)
  23. Grasses for Tees and Their Management by Wm. Dest (A-31)
  24. Golf Course Tee maintenance by Jim Fulwider (A-32)
  25. Tees by F. Thompson (A-33)
  26. How to Draw up a Contract by Lawrence D. Rhoades (A-34)
  27. My Contract by Lucien E. Duval (A-37)
  28. The Golf Car Problem by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-41)
  29. Golf Cars and Turfgrass by Lee Record (A-42)
  30. Course Design and Golf Cars by William F. Mitchell (A-42)
  31. Golf Cars and the Established Course by Sherwood Moore (A-45)
  32. Course Design and Golf Cars by Phil Wogan (a-52)
  33. Introduction of Cars to the New Course by M. Ovian (A-56)