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Turf Clippings


Co-editors: B. Ranlon & J. Reidy
Advisor: Joseph Troll


  1. Trees for a Beautiful Golf Course by Philip Scott (page 1)
  2. The Golf Course's Worst Enemy by Charles Amorim and Hal Haskell (2)
  3. Message from the President by James f. Gilligan (2)
  4. Turf Management Club News (3)
  5. Quotes from 1962 Freshman (4)
  6. When I consider How my Night is Spent Leonard Mailloux(5)
  7. Protection of a Golf Course by Pay Lucas Jr. (6)
  8. Safety - The Superintendents' Responsibility by Gerald Peters (7)
  9. Picture - Senior Stockbridge Turf Majors (8)
  10. Picture - Freshmen Stockbridge Turf Majors (9)
  11. Kansas - In the Transition Zone by Carl Beer (10
  12. Seeds by Don Daigle (11)
  13. Picture - Dean F. P. Jeffrey, Dr. W.G. Colby and Director J. R. Beattie (12)
  14. Picture - Graduates of Winter School for Turf Managers - 1963 (13)
  15. The Effect of Last Year's Weather Upon This Year's Incidence of Turf Insects by John C. Schread (A-1)
  16. Labor-Management Relations by Mortimer H. Gavin S.J. (A-4)
  17. Massachusetts Labor Laws by Andrew C. SInclair (A-7)
  18. Golf Course Budget by John Espey (A-10)
  19. Golf Course Budgets by Robert St. Thomas (A-12)
  20. Purpose & Method of Budgeting by Leon St. Pierre (A-13)
  21. The Committee Chairman, His Duties by Charles Connelly (A-16)
  22. Long-range vs. Short-range Planning by George Farber (A-18)
  23. The Golf Course Superintendent, His Duties by Sherwood Moore (A-20)
  24. The Budget by Leo Kowalski (A-25)
  25. Public Relations by Leon St. Pierre (A-26)
  26. A Study of WIlt by Harry Meusal (A-28)
  27. Specifications for a Method of Putting Green Construction by Alexander Radko (A-33)
  28. Management of Kentucky Bluegrass & Grass Mixtures for Turf by F.V. Juska (A-38)
  29. What's New in Fertilizers by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-40)
  30. Methylene Ureas by Harvey Stangel (A-42)
  31. Plastic Coated Fertilizers by Louis I. Hansen (A-44)
  32. The Role of Sewage Sludge by James Latham Jr. (A-49)
  33. The Role of Ureaforms in the Turf Fertilizer Industry by Robert T. Miller (A-51)
  34. Why Low Phosphorus & Higher Potassium by L. J. Sullivan (A-55)
  35. Uptake of Potassium by Evangel Bredakis (A-59)
  36. Responsibility of Industry & Community in Land Usage & Plantings by Joseph L. Beasley (A-61)
  37. Turf & Other Planting Problems by H. Thurston Handley Jr. (A-65)
  38. Weeds & Diseases by Dominic Marini (A-67)
  39. General Maintenacne & Equipment by Lewis Hodgkinson (A-68)
  40. Fertilizer Problems by William J. Bennett (A-70)
  41. Lawn Construction & Insect Problems by herbert C. Fordham (A-71)