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Turf Clippings


Advisor: Joseph Troll

To form a bond of common interest between the Turf Management Club, the alumni of the Stockbridge and Winter School Turf Majors and all interested friends of the University of Massachusetts Turf Program.


  1. Turf on the Launching Pad (page 1)
  2. Turf management Club News (3)
  3. Education, Experience and Attitude (4)
  4. A Blade of Grass (5)
  5. Picture - Professor Lawrence S. Dickinson (6)
  6. Picture - Thomas Mascaro - Banquet Speaker (7)
  7. Planting Trees on the Golf Course (8)
  8. Two-Way Radios (8)
  9. Greens Mowing Procedure (9)
  10. Watering and Topdressing as Related to Poa annua Infestations (10)
  11. Picture - Stockbridge Majors in Turf Management (12)
  12. Picture - Graduates of Winter School for Turf Managers - 1962 (13)
  13. Review of Season's Pests by Joseph Troll (A-1)
  14. Today's Trends in Golf Course Development by Col. Harry C. Eckoff (A-3)
  15. Breeding and Selection of Fine Turf Grasses by Dr. B. R. Anderson
  16. Penncross Bentgrass by J. Dutch(A-13)
  17. Poa annua by Alexander Radko (A-16)
  18. Velvet Bent by Jesse DeFrance (A-19)
  19. Vegetative Creeping Bentgrasses by Fred Grau (A-21)
  20. Modification of SOils for Green Construction & Top Dressing by Prof. H. B. Musser (A-27)
  21. Soil COmpaction by Donald Waddington (A-32)
  22. Irrigation Practices and the Need of Basic Research by Prof. Edward PIra (A-36)
  23. Water Sources by Z. Mills (A-39)
  24. Athletic Field Maintenance by Thomas Mascaro (A-41)
  25. Planning the Landscape Around the House by Prof. Harold Mosher (A-43)