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  1. "My Ideal Course, Underwater, U.S.A." (page 1)
  2. From the Editor (3)
  3. Turf Management Club News (3)
  4. Quotes from 1961 Seniors (4)
  5. The United States Most Western Owned Golf Course: Armed Forces Golf Course, Guam (5)
  6. Turf Majors Participate in Horticultural Show (7)
  7. Picture - G.C.S.A Scholarships Awarded to Three Turf Seniors (8)
  8. Picture - Stockbridge - Majors in turf Management (9)
  9. Opportunity and Education (10)
  10. "The Most Outstanding Turf Senior for the Year - 1961" (11)
  11. How We Prepare Our Greens Before Topdressing (12)
  12. An Inexpensive Cure for Weeds and Poa Annua (13)
  13. Watering (14)
  14. Picture - Honorary Members of the Turf Management Club (16)
  15. Picture - Graduates of Winter School for Turf Managers - 1961 (17)
  16. Welcome Speech by Narry Sperandio (A-1)
  17. Handle with Care by Dr. Ellsworth H. Wheeler (A-2)
  18. Current Ideas on Green Construction - Panel Discussion (A-4)
  19. Automatic Systems for Watering by Robert F. Harper (A-14)
  20. History of Golf Course Architecture by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-22)
  21. Effect of Nutrition on Turf Diseases by Dr. Houston B. Couch
  22. Turf Disease Control and Use of Fungicides by Dr. R. J. Lukens
  23. Trees and Tree Care by Gordon S. King (A-38)
  24. Arsenical Toxicity by Dr. C. R. Skogley (A-41)
  25. Soil Reaction to Arsenical Compounds by Joseph E. Steckel
  26. Brush Control For the Golf Course by Dr. William I. Boyd (A-51)
  27. Massachusetts Highway Herbicide Program by Joseph L. Beasley (A-54)
  28. General Turf (Alternate Session): Observations on Highway Turf Establishment & Maintenance by E.F. Button (A-62)
  29. Pre-emerge Chemicals for the Control of Crabgrass by Dr. John R. Havis, John M. Zak & Joseph Troll (A-70)
  30. Root Growth of Turf Grasses as Affected by Different heights of Cut and Nutrient Levels by Evangel J. Bredakis (A-71)
  31. The Use of Sod by Daniel Pellegrino (A-72)