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Style Sheet

Please consult with the Editors before submitting manuscripts


Tone. Matter-of-fact (no exclamation points), brief, and clear. Normal expectations of scholarly civility will apply. Criticism of previous results is in order when relevant, but imputations of motive or other ad hominem arguments are not accepted.

Ethics. The results of others must be properly attributed. Permission must be secured for the quotation or inclusion of copyright material.

Acknowledgement of grant or other support may be made in an unnumbered first footnote. Expressions of gratitude to advisors or colleagues, or dedications to persons, are inappropriate for these brief articles.


Periods. The term "Jou" must be limited to the period when that dynasty was the operative head of a feudal system; it may not be used for the period following the Jou collapse in 0771. For the period between that date and the Empire (0221), one standard term is "pre-Chin." We recommend the division of that period into Spring and Autumn (0770-0479) and Warring States (0479-0221).

Dates BC should be given with a leading zero, thus 0479 = 479 BC. Give uncertain dates as ranges, or as circa dates (c0340).

Chinese Characters may be included in titles, but will be removed from the version of the title used as the righthand running head. Characters in text may be added as needed, but not gratuitously (we presume a certain minimum level of Sinological acquaintance), and they must be included in the TwinBridge 4.0 character set.

Tables or other graphic aids are welcome, but must be within the capacity of WordPerfect 7, or submitted as a graphics file (JPG or TIF).

Romanization. Authors may use any Chinese romanization, but must indicate tones. If an otherwise acceptable paper lacks tones, the Editors, in adding them, will also convert to the journal's preferred system, Common Alphabetic. Tables for CA and two other systems appear at the end of each volume of WSP.

English Usage. Some suggestions are availableon this page on the journal website. Briticisms (eg "colour") are acceptable from Continental authors, and will not be standardized. In general, individuality of authorial style is welcome.


Copyright and Permissions. Authors should secure any needed permissions for included copyright material, including illustrations, and should submit those permissions with their manuscript. Authors are liable in case of copyright infringement.

Author Agreement. The journal itself requires first serial and subsequent reprint rights, including electronic reprint rights, in order that the volume may be copyrighted for the protection of all contributors. We cede to authors all other rights, including publication elsewhere of revised, abridged, or extended treatments of the same subject. We ask only that such subsequent publications contain a reference to the initial publication in Warring States Papers.

Acceptance will be judged on the following criteria: (1) importance, (2) proper acknowledgement of previous work, and (3) clarity, including suitable length.

Appended Discussions. Discussion by others, transcribed from conference tapes, assembled from written or E-mailed comments, or provided by the Editors, may be appended to an article at the discretion of the editors. Authors will have an opportunity to add their own responses.

Notes will be placed at the bottom of the page.

Copy will be edited to avoid breaking a note, or a paragraph, over a page turn.

Schedule. Authors will see proof, but if not returned within a reasonable time, the editors will proofread in good faith and go to press with the result, in the interest of maintaining the publication schedule.

Please Inquire of the Editors about any doubtful points.