Editors: Elizabeth S. Chilton, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  Sophia Labadi, University of Kent, UK

Heritage & Society-the successor journal to Heritage Management-is a global, peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholarly, professional, and community reflection on the cultural, political, and economic impacts of heritage on contemporary society. We seek to examine the current social roles of collective memory, historic preservation, cultural resource management, public interpretation, cultural preservation and revitalization, sites of conscience, diasporic heritage, education, legal/legislative developments, cultural heritage ethics, and central heritage concepts such as authenticity, significance, and value.

The journal provides an engaging forum about tangible and intangible heritage for those who work with international and governmental organizations, academic institutions, private heritage consulting and CRM firms, and local, associated, and indigenous communities. With a special emphasis on social science approaches and an international perspective, the journal facilitates lively, critical discussion and dissemination of practical data among heritage professionals, planners, policymakers, and community leaders.

Heritage & Society includes peer-reviewed research on policy, legislation, ethics, and methods in heritage management and will showcase exemplary projects and models of public interpretation and interaction. A peer-reviewed Forum section presents position statements and responses on key current issues. The journal also includes reviews of books, web pages, exhibits, and resources in various media, regions, and languages.


Heritage & Society
UMass Amherst Center for Heritage & Society
Gordon Hall
Amherst MA 01003 USA

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New Publisher for Heritage & Society

We are pleased to announce that the international, peer-reviewed journal of the CHS, Heritage & Society, will now be published and distributed in both print and digital editions by Maney Publishing, a leading independent publisher of academic and professional journals based in the United Kingdom. H&S Co-editors Elizabeth Chilton and Sophia Labadi want to express their thanks to Mitch Allen of Left Coast Press in Walnut Creek, California—who was the founding publisher of the journal and who made the seamless transition to Maney possible. The new arrangement will offer Heritage & Society greater international visibility and wider availability to heritage scholars and professionals. With its increasing focus on archaeology and heritage and catalogue of more than 100 journals, Maney is committed to technical and editorial innovation combined with traditional values of quality and academic collaboration. We are enthusiastic about the new possibilities this opens for Heritage & Society. For the official announcement, see: http://www.maneypublishing.com/index.php/journals/hso