Submissions from 2010

Science, Policy, and the Value-Free Ideal, DL Anderton

The Relational Basis of Inequality: Generic and Contingent Wage Distribution Processes, D Avent-Holt and D Tomaskovic-Devey

The Concentration and Stability of Gun Violence at Micro Places in Boston, 1980-2008, AA Braga, AV Papachristos, and DM Hureau

Why David Sometimes Wins: Leadership, Organization, and Strategy in the California Farm Worker Movement, D Clawson

What happened to familial acculturation?, DA Cort

Abstinence and Teenagers: Prevention Counseling Practices of Health Care Providers Serving High-Risk Patients in the United States, CC Harper, JT Henderson, A Schalet, D Becker, L Stratton, and TR Raine

A World of Gangs:Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture, AV Papachristos

Unequal Crime Decline: Theorizing Race, Urban Inequality, and Criminal Violence, AV Papachristos

SEXUAL SUBJECTIVITY REVISITED The Significance of Relationships in Dutch and American Girls' Experiences of Sexuality, A Schalet

Translations and Refusals: Resignifying Meanings as Feminist Political Practice, M Thayer

Long-stay inpatients in short-term emergency units in France. A commentary on Gansel, Danet, and Rauscher, R Zussman

Trusting Doctors: The Decline of Moral Authority in American Medicine, R Zussman

Submissions from 2009

Ordinary People: In and Out of Poverty in the Gilded Age, DL Anderton

Social Capital, Double Embeddedness, and Mechanisms of Stability and Change, W Baker and RR Faulkner

Global Unions: Challenging Transnational Capital through Cross-Border Campaigns, D Clawson

Tenure and the Future of the University, D Clawson

The Laboring of Communication: Will Knowledge Workers of the World Unite?, D Clawson

Employers Meet Families: Gender, Class and Paid Work Hour Differences Among US Medical Workers, D Clawson, N Gerstel, and J Crocker

Employers Meet Families: Gender, Class and Paid Work Hour Differences Among US Medical Workers, D Clawson, N Gerstel, and J Crocker

The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much?, N Gerstel

Criminology confronts genocide: whose side are you on?, J Hagan and W Rymond-Richmond

Racial Targeting of Sexual Violence in Darfur, J Hagan, W Rymond-Richmond, and A Palloni

Race and Childlessness in America, 1988-2002, JH Lundquist, MJ Budig, and A Curtis

Race and Childlessness in America, 1988-2002, JH Lundquist, MJ Budig, and A Curtis

An Organizational Approach to Understanding Sex and Race Segregation in US Workplaces, T McTague, K Stainback, and D Tomaskovic-Devey

Murder by Structure: Dominance Relations and the Social Structure of Gang Homicide, AV Papachristos

Subjectivity, Intimacy, and the Empowerment Paradigm of Adolescent Sexuality: The Unexplored Room, A Schalet

FATHERING, CLASS, AND GENDER A Comparison of Physicians and Emergency Medical Technicians, C Shows and N Gerstel

The Effect of Religion on Risky Sexual Behavior among College Students, LG Simons, CH Burt, and FR Peterson

Intersections of Power and Privilege: Long-Term Trends in Managerial Representation, K Stainback and D Tomaskovic-Devey

Categorically Unequal: The American Stratification System., D Tomaskovic-Devey

Submissions from 2008

Changing rhythms of American family life, MJ Budig

Contingent Autonomy Technology, Bureaucracy, and Relative Power in the Labor Process, S Choi, J Leiter, and D Tomaskovic-Devey

What Workers Say: Employee Voice in the Anglo-American Workplace, D Clawson

Willingness to participate in organ donation among black Seventh-Day Adventist college students, M Cort and D Cort

Whose money, whose time? A nonparametric approach to modeling time spent on housework in the United States, S Gupta and M Ash

The Collective Dynamics of Racial Dehumanization and Genocidal Victimization in Darfur, J Hagan and W Rymond-Richmond

Transient feelings - Sex panics and the politics of emotions, JM Irvine

Neighborhood poverty and American Indian infant death: Are the effects identifiable.?, PJ Johnson, JM Oakes, and DL Anderton

Ethnic and gender satisfaction in the military: The effect of a meritocratic institution, JH Lundquist

Chutes and Ladders: Navigating the Low-Wage Labor Market, J Misra

Till marriage do us part: Adult children's relationships with their parents, N Sarkisian and N Gerstel

Creative Union: The Professional Organization of Soviet Composers, 1939-1953, R Zussman

Getting cut: Failing to survive surgical residency training, R Zussman

Never saw it coming: Cultural challenges to envisioning the worst, R Zussman

Submissions from 2007

Selling women short: Gender and money on Wall Street, MJ Budig

Diversity in the power elite: How it happened, why it matters, D Clawson

Radical nomad. C. Wright Mills and his times, D Clawson

Why are some academic fields tipping toward female? The sex composition of US fields of doctoral degree receipt, 1971-2002, P England, P Allison, S Li, N Mark, J Thompson, MJ Budig, and H Sun

Autonomy, dependence, or display? The relationship between married women's earnings and housework, S Gupta

An insider's view of sexual science since Kinsey, JM Irvine

Decolonial moves - Trans-locating African diaspora spaces, A Lao-Montes

Backlash against welfare mothers: Past and present., J Misra

Work-family policies and poverty for partnered and single women in Europe and North America, J Misra, S Moller, and MJ Budig

Work-family policies and poverty for partnered and single women in Europe and North America, J Misra, S Moller, and MJ Budig

Reworking race: The making of Hawaii's inter-racial labor movement., F Oyogoa and D Clawson

Extended family integration among Euro and Mexican Americans: Ethnicity, gender, and class, N Sarkisian, M Gerena, and N Gerstel

Bicultural Socialization among adoptive families - Where there is a will, there is a way, KA Thomas and RC Tessler

Product market structure and labor market discrimination, D Tomaskovic-Devey

Discrimination and desegregation: Equal opportunity progress in US private sector workplaces since the Civil Rights Act, D Tomaskovic-Devey and K Stainback

Submissions from 2006

Family leaves, the FMLA and gender neutrality: The intersection of race and gender, A Armenia and N Gerstel

Gender, self-employment, and earnings - The interlocking structures of family and professional status, MJ Budig

Intersections on the road to self-employment: Gender, family and occupational class, MJ Budig

Untitled - Comment, D Clawson

Her money, her time: Women's earnings and their housework hours, S Gupta

The consequences of maternal employment during men's childhood for their adult housework performance, S Gupta

Sex, lies, and research, JM Irvine

The black-white gap in marital dissolution among young adults: What can a counterfactual scenario tell us?, JH Lundquist

Encountering nationalism., J Misra

Enriching the sociological imagination: How radical sociology changed the discipline, J Misra

Education and the inequalities of place, VJ Roscigno, D Tomaskovic-Devey, and M Crowley

Extended family ties among Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Whites: Superintegration or disintegration?, N Sarkisian, M Gerena, and N Gerstel

Self-reports of police speeding stops by race: Results from the North Carolina reverse record check survey, D Tomaskovic-Devey, CP Wright, R Czaja, and K Miller

Documenting desegregation: Segregation in American workplaces by race, ethnicity, and sex, 1966-2003, D Tomaskovic-Devey, C Zimmer, K Stainback, C Robinson, T Taylor, and T McTague

Driving while black: Bias processes and racial disparity in police stops, P Warren, D Tomaskovic-Devey, W Smith, M Zingraff, and M Mason

Submissions from 2005

Sewers in the city: A case study of individual-level mortality and public health initiatives in Northampton, Massachusetts, at the turn of the century, JK Beemer, DL Anderton, and SH Leonard

Varieties of unionism: Strategies for union revitalization in a globalizing economy, D Clawson

What's class got to do with it? American society in the twenty-first century, D Clawson

Politics or economics? International migration during the Nicaraguan Contra War, JH Lundquist and DS Massey

Family formation among women in the US Military: Evidence from the NLSY, JH Lundquist and HL Smith

Not-so-nuclear families: Class, gender, and networks of care., J Misra

Recognition struggles and social movements: Contested identities, agency and power, J Misra

Declining access to alcohol and drug abuse services among veterans in the general population, R Tessler, R Rosenheck, and G Gamache

Occupational ghettos: The worldwide segregation of women and men, D Tomaskovic-Devey

Women's work: Gender equality vs. hierarchy in the life sciences., D Tomaskovic-Devey

Race and the accumulation of human capital across the career: A theoretical model and fixed-effects application, D Tomaskovic-Devey, M Thomas, and K Johnson

Lesser harms: The morality of risk in medical research, R Zussman

Sickness and society., R Zussman

Submissions from 2004

Grammars of death - An analysis of nineteenth-century literal causes of death from the age of miasmas to germ theory, DL Anderton and SH Leonard

Social networks and loss of capital, WE Baker and RR Faulkner

It's about time: Couples and careers, MJ Budig

Women and the economy: A reader, MJ Budig and A Amzil

Fusion, democracy, and politics in labor's next upsurge, D Clawson

How class works: Power and social movement, D Clawson

Research in the sociology of work, vol 11, labor revitalization: Global perspectives and new initiatives, D Clawson

Transition from below: Forging trade unionism and Workplace change in South Africa, D Clawson

Moving out: Transition to nonresidence among resident fathers in the United States, 1968-1997, S Gupta, PJ Smock, and WD Manning

Up against the Wal-Mart, T Juravich

When race makes no difference: Marriage and the military, JH Lundquist

Welfare hot buttons: Women, work, and social policy reform., J Misra