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Lightning Talk

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How to engage more people in your campus community with the library by not asking them to attend a program.

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University Library


programs, attendance


May 4th, 3:40 PM May 4th, 4:30 PM

No attendees? No problem. Redefining programs at the library

Wampanoag Room

After launching an ambitious series of programs at our library as part of a larger outreach and marketing effort, we found that few students, faculty, or staff attended events. Even programs suggested by students themselves had very poor attendance. The following two semesters we tried more interactive self-serve (“passive”) programs around the library, to varying success. Overall, this has resulted in raising the library’s profile as a community hub for the campus as well as sometimes engaging more people. Attendees will:

--hear a few ideas for transforming traditional events-style programming into activities your community can deal themselves into with little staff time or budget required.

--consider staff interests and strengths and involve those not traditionally part of outreach in the planning and implementation of activities.

--find out how a few librarians overcame discomfort to engage those who weren’t coming to us.


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