Session Description

Come learn about my experience trying to work remotely to try and innovate current projects and come up with ideas for new initiatives.

Type of Library

University Library


scheduling innovation, flex time, libraries, working from home


May 4th, 2:30 PM May 4th, 3:15 PM

My Misadventures In Scheduling Innovation

Floor 2

For my poster session I would talk about my personal experience with being granted flex time to work off site one day a month. I used research mostly from the tech world to back up my request. This way I would have some time each month to focus on things that often get pushed down for other items that take priority. This way I would have a whole day to focus on a project or tweaking a current program. I will talk about why I chose to not work from home, and instead chose to work mostly from other libraries. I will talk about my struggles on trying to schedule Innovation. How it was easier in the beginning but got harder as it went along. How by the end it fell apart and why. Also what I learned from working from other libraries.

Questions for attendees: Have you had experience with working off site or in the way described above? In what ways were you successful? What ways were you not successful? If you have not, what would your challenges or positives be?


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