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The workshop will begin with an overview of several existing Wellness Library collections at university libraries. It will then explain the reasoning for collecting titles on topics like self-help or memoir that are normally outside of the collecting scope of Psychology and Health acquisitions. The UConn Wellness Library is made up of a Springshare Libguide and a Primo page. The Wellness Library collaborated campus-wide with Student Health staff and undergraduate students. The library’s subcollections include themes like: BIPOC Wellness, Community & Friendship, Self-Care, Depression, LGBTQIA Wellness, Grief, Mindfulness, and Sexual Health. The Libguide is designed as an educational tool at the first year undergraduate level, which offers introductory information on wellness themes. Finally, the library hosted an event in Spring 2022 with a student entrepreneur, Allie Davenport, who created a journal to promote mindfulness and self reflection for her peers. The library distributed free copies of the Starmind journal to students attending the event.

After looking at the steps taken to create the UConn Wellness Library, participants will receive materials to brainstorm how to create a similar initiative at their home institution. Participants will be able to identify community stakeholders, outreach opportunities, and possible themes for their collection. Participants will also learn to advocate for funding for their Wellness Library in the form of a proposal. The first half of the workshop will present materials about Wellness Libraries in university libraries, while the second half will focus on brainstorming and collaboration amongst attendees. Attendees will leave with a draft of ideas for creating a Wellness Library at their home institution. Finally, they will also have ideas for how to create a short funding proposal to submit to their library.

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College Library; University Library


mental health, wellness, diversity in collections

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Jun 1st, 1:00 PM Jun 1st, 2:00 PM

Building Community With a Wellness Library


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