Publication Date

March 1996


Since I recently (in January and February) had a chance to spend something less than a month in the former Yugoslavia, particularly in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo and the Hercegovinianmain town of Mostar, I thought I might briefly share some of my observations with readers of Anthrowatch. My mini series will consist of this initial section focusing on description and the second part will involve an attempt to put these comments in some analytical perspective. Since my Columbia dissertation dealt with this area I have thus been involved with researching this area over some five decades , from the fifties to the nineties. The end of this millennium has brought together in the Bosnian tragedy new questions about the meanings of modernization, nationalism, multiculturalism, genocide and transnational institutions in a media saturated age as viewed through a variety of temporal perspectives. In this brief space I will only try to present some kinds of descriptions on which the media, including CNN, have not tended to focus and in concluding, hopefully, raise some points of specific interest to the anthropological enterprise.

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