From the first Research Report introduction: "The University of Massachusetts Department of Anthropology Research Reports Series is designed to fill two specific publication needs. In the first place, it offers a means of rapid dissemination of significant data collected by professional anthropologists (who are usually, but not necessarily affiliated with the University of Massachusetts). These data are either the relatively "raw material" which will subsequently be further analyzed and refined in more formal publication, or data which are in a sense peripheral to the central research concern of the author and thus might otherwise not be published. In either case the expeditious publication of the data is warranted by their potential utility to scholars working on similar or related problems. The second aim of the Series is to provide a medium of publication for advanced graduate students in anthropology who have made a significant contribution to anthropological knowledge through independent research -- either in the literature or in the field - and whose lack of professional status largely precludes publication in more established series. Master's theses will be most appropriate for this second type of publication. However, "term papers" and non-academic essays of high quality will also appear in the Series.

"The Department of Anthropology Research Report Series while naturally tending to reflect the professional research interests of anthropologists at the University of Massachusetts, welcomes contributions from all fields of anthropology, as well as anthropologically relevant areas of other disciplines. These reports will appear periodically as suitable manuscripts are received, and will be distributed -- initially , at least -- at no cost to those who indicate an interest in receiving them."


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Research Report 01: Reports on Achievement Motivation

Research Report 02: An Archaeological Survey of the Nepeña Valley, Peru

Research Report 03: Bibliography of English Language Sources on Yugoslavia

Research Report 04: A Contribution to the Study of Value Orientations Among the Czechs and Slovaks

Research Report 05: NASCA Gravelots in the Uhle Collection from the Ica Valley, Peru

Research Report 06: A Symposium on East European Ethnography

Research Report 07: The Genetic Structure of an Historical Population: a Study of Marriage and Fertility in Old Deerfield, Massachusetts

Research Report 08: Bibliography of Human Paleopathology

Research Report 09: The Limits of Integration: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Modern Europe

Research Report 10: Estate Inheritance in the Italian Alps

Research Report 12: Winward Road: Contributions to the Anthropology of St. Vincent

Research Report 13: Archaeological Investigations in the Nepena Valley, Peru

Research Report 14: Bibliography of Human and Non-human, Non-Metric Variation

Research Report 15: The spirits and their cousins: Some aspects of belief, ritual, and social organization in a rural Hausa village in Niger

Research Report 16: Ritual and Social Structure in a Macedonian Village

Research Report 17: Selected papers on a Serbian Village: Social Structure as Reflected by History, Demography and Oral Tradition

Research Report 18: Ecological Anthropology of the Middle Connecticut River Valley

Research Report 19: Proceedings of the Conference on Northeastern Archaeology

Research Report 20: Biocultural Adaptation Comprehensive Approaches to Skeletal Analysis

Research Report 21: How The People Live: Life in the Passive Regious

Research Report 22: Three Contributions to the Study of Socialist Czechoslovakia

Research Report 24: Economy, Society and Culture in Contemporary Romania

Research Report 25: An Analysis of the Early Cultural Sequence in the Nepena Valley, Peru

Research Report 27: Absent Others: Perspectives on Marginality in Barcelona Schools

Research Report 28: Ela’ qua : essays in honor of Richard B. Woodbury

Research Report 29: The Goat Island Rockshelter : new light from old legacies

Research Report 30: Aztec Money : An Inquiry into Substance, Sources and Heuristic Value

Research Report 31: The organization of diversity : essays on a changing Europe : a collection in honor of John W. Cole