Marie Rivers


David W. Ostendorf

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This research project analyzed streamflow, specific conductivity, and precipitation data for two tributary locations of the Cambridge Reservoir. MassDOT deicing agent application data was also analyzed for state maintained roads in the drainage areas of the two tributaries. The purpose of this project was to determine the load of chloride to the reservoir from the state maintained roads. All data was considered on an annual, monthly, and individual storm scale. A hydraulic model for runoff was developed and the mass load of chloride was determined. The study area consisted of USGS gage 01104415 (Lincoln Street) which is a tributary to Hobbs Brook Reservoir and USGS gage 01104455 (Waltham) which is a tributary to Stony Brook Reservoir. Both reservoirs are part of the Cambridge Reservoir system. Lane uses in each site consisted of high percentages of state maintained roads and both sites were directly connected to highway drainage systems. Historically, these sites have high chloride concentrations.