Publication Date

November 2011

Journal or Book Title

Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics


The design of steel structures, in most cases, depends majorly on the level of wind loads which are prescribed by codes and regulations and are used in the structural analysis due to the fact that steel structures being light and ductile systems are strongly affected from a slight difference in the values of wind loading. During the last decades, disproportionate collapse analysis has become of major interest mainly due to the increasing number of failures occurring in that pattern. Commonly accepted guidelines and methods of analysis have been produced, the most dominating of which being the Department of Defense Facilities criteria or DoD. In the DoD, as well as in other criteria, the event of a column loss is suggested as modeling scenario which has to be sustained by a structural system in order to be robust. However, all the guidelines so far have disconnected the column loss analysis from wind loads and have only performed it for gravity loading. This paper presents the dynamic time history disproportionate collapse analysis of steel frames, including various levels of wind loading. Interesting aspects are discussed through the parametric analysis of five different numerical examples of moment resisting frames.