Etruscan is a comprehensive font of the Etruscan alphabet designed from photographs and facsimiles of Etruscan inscriptions from the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods, and from all regions of Etruria. The font contains nearly 200 characters both in sinistrograde and dextrograde and includes all significant letterforms and punctuation. Thus, Etruscan preserves not only the epigraphic but also the stylistic features of Etruscan inscriptions, and the diversity of letterforms included in this font allows digital transcriptions to replicate actual inscriptions accurately.

Due to the number of characters in this font and in order to produce a user-friendly keyboard layout, Etruscan comes in two parts (Etruscan One and Etruscan Two). Both fonts must be installed in order to access the entire repertoire. However, keyboard layouts for both fonts and a 'cheat sheet' (a Word document with all characters typed out so that users can simply copy and paste desired letterforms from the 'cheat sheet' into another document) can be downloaded at the following site Etruscan and Early Italic Fonts by James F. Patterson

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