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Disability as diversity in higher education: Policies and practices to enhance student success


This study draws on the narrative accounts of eight students with disabilities at a small liberal arts college in order to understand the connections between disability and student engagement. We found that disability plays a mediating role in the classroom; there are variations in access to institutional support; supportive peer networks are important’ and disability identity has a variable salience for these students. We also found that engagement for students with disabilities is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. We include recommendations for supporting engagement for students with disabilities as well as suggestions for future research.


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Kimball, E., Friedensen, R., & Silva, E. (2017). Engaging disability: Trajectories of involvement for college students with disabilities. In E. Kim & K. C. Aquino (Eds.), Disability as Diversity in Higher Education: Policies and Practices to Enhance Student Success. New York: Routledge


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