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This study accomplished as an education master thesis and addresses the following issue- the education faculty math curriculum in Jowzjan University in Afghanistan and the in-service teachers’ needs. I conducted this study on third-year in-service teachers who are studying at the Jowzjan University in Afghanistan. This study was conducted as qualitative study; there were 11 participants from the third-year in-service teachers. The methodology system was interview with participants. Because of the lack of time I did just one time interview with the participants. There were not class observation and group discussion. The finding from this study revealed some important and significant issues which I discussed in this thesis. The finding in this study categorized in five themes and each theme separately discussed. As I stated in last chapter of this thesis, this was the first time that such research conducted in the Jowzjan University; therefore, the study highlights the way of doing research for other teachers in the Jowzjan University.