Azat Muradov

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Open Access Capstone

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The purpose is to develop a model of academic program review for program improvement and determine the implications of this model for institutionalization at Turkmen higher education institutions. The study builds on the communalities in institutional approaches relative to designing, conducting and using program review at selected public universities in the United States. The study is primarily concerned with institutional approaches that are oriented towards improving academic programs.

Communalities in improvement-oriented academic program reviews share earlier findings in the research. In the reviewed documents, the key role belonged to the program individuals. Other characteristics included facilitating faculty participation in all aspects of the review process, using primarily academic criteria, involving diverse group of constituents, inquiring about program's self-direction and correction, and linking results for institutional decision-making.

It is suggested that program review can be integrated into current administrative practices in higher education institutions in Turkmenistan. The proposed model views both the process and results of review as essential contributions to program improvement. The implications of the proposed model are diverse. These implications involve institutional environment, its size and structure, communication mechanisms, and leadership of key personnel. The study proposes relevant strategies to address these implications. Major proposed strategies include collaboration stimulated by leadership, management training, and instituting new mechanisms of communication for continued dialogue among key constituents.