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With the goals of counteracting Islamaphobia, this project aims to change the discourse about Islam and its people, by creating a counter-narrative to the narrative that has been engineered by the U.S. government and the world.

The Photovoice project will be housed at the West Springfield Islamic Center. Ten to sixteen participants of Islamic faith between 18 and 100 years old, will form the core working group.

The overarching themes of the project are "the truth about Islam and its people" and "the politics of spiritual well-being--how we can stop the process of dehumanization." The participant group will select 3 subtopics to focus on. Each subtopic will be assigned a week. The group will meet no less than 6 times. The first meeting will be for training in Photovoice methodology--how to frame an issues with the camera lens, how to speak through photography, and the ethics of photographic documentation. The following three meetings will be focus groups where photographs on a given subtopic will be shared and discussed. At the fifth meeting, the group will decide on how they would like to share their photographic story with the public. The sixth meeting will be an exhibition of the work, which will be planned and programmed by the participants in conjunction with the project advisors.



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