Dissertation Abstracts 1971-2008

Center for International Education


This is the Sixth Edition of the Dissertation Abstracts of the Center for International Education (CIE). It contains abstracts of all the doctoral dissertations completed from 1971 through the academic year ending in June 2008, marking CIE's 401h anniversary. As a program in the School of Education, CIE offers graduate level training for Masters and Doctoral candidates in the fields of Development Education, Nonformal and Adult Education, Literacy, Community Development, and Global Education in both international and domestic contexts.

The abstracts reflect the values that inform the curriculum, the research, and the practice of the Center: the theory and practice of liberation, consciousness-raising, literacy and popular education, empowerment, social change, the feminist perspective, an emphasis on qualitative, participatory and action research methodologies, and a developing interest in education in emergency situations or fragile states. The emphasis on the human component of development reflects the ongoing commitment of CIE to study and implement educational processes which increase the learners' control over their lives.

The abstracts are presented in chronological order based on dates of graduation and are numbered sequentially. Abstracts are indexed by the author's name in the Author Index, and by geographic location and also by topic in the Subject Index. To locate a particular abstract, find the author or topic in the index and then use the sequence number to find the abstract in the text.