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The general aim of the project is to give an overview of the initiatives for internationalization in Higher Education (HE) in the former Soviet Union area over the last decade, to analyze these developments and to demonstrate their impact on national higher education systems.

The research is guided by the following research questions:

- What current internationalization initiatives in CIS countries are in place and what are the rationales for them?

- Are these internationalization strategies and rationales different from those of the EU?

- What impact have internationalization initiatives produced on higher education system in the countries and national higher education policies?

Thus the general aim can be further differentiated into the following more specific objectives:

- To describe major political commitments underpinning internationalization initiatives;

- To analyze changes in national higher education systems Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine as a result of internationalization (by giving examples);

- To assess how national policymaking in HE is affected by international/multilateral organizations (by giving examples)