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Technology has played an important role in improving and expanding education worldwide. Website is a part of technology through which institutions and companies can easily and cheaply share and advertise their profiles with rest of the world.

Kabul Education University (KEU) where I used to teach is a newly established (2003) university in Kabul (the capital city); it trains professional teachers for secondary schools. The university did not have a website till recently (June 2009), while all other public universities in Kabul had it. So, I developed a website for it due to the demand of the university administrators, teachers, and students. Prior to developing the website, I conducted interviews with KEU senior officials (such as chancellor of the university, deans of six faculties, and a few heads of departments) in order to get their ideas about the role and importance of a website for the university improvement. Besides this, I distributed questionnaire (which addressed the role and importance of a website for KEU) on number of teachers (12) and students (67) to have their inputs as well on the importance of the website.

After analyzing the interviews and questionnaire data, I realized that all KEU senior officials, teachers, and students were interested that KEU should have a website due to many reasons. First of all, the university needs to introduce itself to the world, and chances are that once KEU introduces itself and its needs to the world, other universities and donors (particularly external universities and donors) will show interest in helping the university to solve its problems. In addition, the website will provide teachers and students better opportunity to update their materials; although, they can do this without website, it will be a safe gateway to enter to the internet. Furthermore, the university teachers will be able to attach their teaching materials on the website so that KEU students can download them whenever they want.