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If we were to take a poll asking people whether they wou]d vote for or against morality, one would expect a rather overwhelming endorsement. There is little disagreement that people should behave morally, should respect moral rules and should be concerned about justice and responsibility (Berkowitz & Oser, 1985, p. 1 ). This study examines teachers' knowledge and attitudes towards conduct and discipline regulations as outlined in the Malawi government teaching service regulations, analyzes the relationships between their know ledge, attitudes and self reported practice. It ftn1her explores the contribution of pre­service teacher training to teachers' knowledge and understanding of the regulations. Data was collected from in-service and pre-service teachers using Knowledge, Attitude and Practice survey methods. The study found that teachers have limited knowledge about the regulations, although serving teachers rated themselves highly in following the regulations. It was found that in addition to a weak system for promoting and enforcing regulations in schools, teacher preparation little to develop professional appreciation of regulations related to conduct and discipline.