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The study was done in the context of the Namibia National Literacy Program and was influenced by my working environment. While studying adult education, and by being exposed to a variety of philosophical views and ideas, I tried to reflect those views and ideas to the adult learner groups who graduated from the Namibia National Literacy Program as well as to those in the communities not attending any classes. The questions I had in my mind were the following: What can they do together to learn? How can they utilize their new skills to get involved in participatory community development. The study explores the community groups and how to utilize them as a method of adult literacy education for educational purposes and community participation.

This document addressed the following; 1) Background information and purpose of study; 2) literature review section of previous work done on the topic and how it relates to the current study; 3) the research procedure and the methodology used in the field to gather the data; 4) case studies on the formal and informal group learning involved in the study; 5) understandings and implications of findings on Community Learning Groups; and 6) recommendations based on those findings.