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Journal of Technology Education


Women are underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields of study and careers with a subset of STEM--Technology Education--possibly one of the least integrated fields for women as students and as professionals (Akmal, Oaks, & Barker, 2004; Braundy, 2004; Braundy, Petrina, Dalley & Paxton, 2000; Zuga, 1996; Zuga, 1999). What accounts for this situation and what are potential remedies? The purpose of this study was to learn about the ways in which female technology education teachers understand sources of influence on their career choices. The findings from this study are intended to provide insights into the participants; perspectives that might shed light on how to better encourage females to aspire to and enter technology education as a profession. The conclusions derived from this study may help to create a deeper understanding of how women move beyond cultural barriers and make "unexpected transitions" to become female technology education teachers. This qualitative study is based on interviews with ten female technology education teachers.