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With a General Enrollment Rate (GER) of 86% in 2007, Senegal is committed to achieving the Education For All goals in 2015. But in order to achieve them, it will be necessary to identify the best strategies that allow for the enrollment of all school-age children. These children, for the most part, find themselves in the most isolated rural zones, with the bulk of the children who need schooling in high-density populated areas. Multigrade classrooms are thus an inevitable alternative in rural and urban zones with smaller populations if the country is going to achieve universal education within the given timeline.


This manual was designed for trainers of multigrade schoolteachers. The manual contains information on multigrade instruction as well as training activities for teachers.

Five themes are addressed in this manual and each one is divided into sessions. Each session begins with the objectives, materials necessary, duration, and reading.

The first part presents the goals of the training and implementation strategies as well as a frame of reference. The second part addresses the study of the various modules structured in units.