M. Kalim Qamar

Publication Date



The objective of this manual is to provide guidance for those persons involved in the Nonformal Education Project who will be organizing training workshops for rural facilitators for nonformal education purposes. Since this document is a by-product of a workshop organized for those members of the Center for International Education who were leaving different West African sites during summer in order to conduct rural facilitator training workshops, it is limited in its scope. This is not a workshop report, however.

The usefulness of this manual mainly lies in treating it as a possible way of organizing a workshop for facilitator training. Hence it should be comprehended as a process. Details regarding the subject-matter, content, timing, etc. should be looked at as something which demands necessary revisions, additions and deletions. Such adjustments will be determined by several situation factors such as geographical location, audience, human and material resources available, etc. This manual presents just one "case study."

There are no specific section(s) devoted to bibliography. This is because necessary references have been integrated within the text. For all those interested in the format of the workshop out of which this manual emerged, an appendix on the tentative schedule of the workshop has been included at the end of the manual.




Center for International Education