Twaweza Independent Evaluation Design Elaboration of Mixed Methods Design, Evaluation Questions, Key Hypotheses, and Methods

Publication Date



With contributions from Mikala Lauridsen, Evaluation Manager Martina Ochiel, Partnership Coordinator

Submitted to Twaweza May 10, 2010

For discussion at Design Workshop, May 12-14, 2010


The purpose of this document is to provide elaboration on overall mixed methods design and how the key evaluation questions and broad hypotheses link to specific methods. First is a short discussion of the mixed methods design for the baseline studies; second is a brief discussion of types of research and evaluation questions as a framework;; third, the more inquiry-oriented broad evaluation questions are listed with a discussion about the specific methods and items to respond to them; and fourth, preliminary broad hyotheses are listed with a discussion of which items in the baseline surveys and in proposed targeted studies can respond to these. Annexes include a short discussion on what constitutes evidence (A); the objectives of the baseline surveys (B); a table indicating methods and timing (C); and a table listing overall evaluation questions and methodologies (D).

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