Submissions from 2014


A Mechanistic Approach to Cross-Domain Perceptual Narrowing in the First Year of Life, Hillary Hadley, Gwyneth C. Rost, Eswen Fava, and Lisa S. Scott

Submissions from 2008

Speech Detection In Spatial And Nonspatial Speech Maskers, U Balakrishnan and RL Freyman

Spatial Release From Masking With Noise-vocoded Speech, RL Freyman, U Balakrishnan, and KS Helfer

Aging And Speech-on-speech Masking, KS Helfer and RL Freyman

Neural Mechanisms Underlying Learning Following Semantic Mediation Treatment In A Case Of Phonologic Alexia, J Kurland, CR Cortes, M Wilke, AJ Sperling, SN Lott, MA Tagamets, J VanMeter, and RB Friedman

Impact Of Cochlear Implantation On Speech Understanding, Depression, And Loneliness In The Elderly, SF Poissant, F Beaudoin, JY Huang, J Brodsky, and DJ Lee

One Sound Or Two? Object-related Negativity Indexes Echo Perception, LD Sanders, AS Joh, RE Keen, and RL Freyman

Submissions from 2007

Variability And Uncertainty In Masking By Competing Speech, RL Freyman, KS Helfer, and U Balakrishnan

Central Deafness: An Audiological Case Study, FE Musiek, JA Baran, JB Shinn, L Guenette, E Zaidan, and J Weihing

Speech Intelligibility In Cochlear Implant Simulations: Effects Of Carrier Type, Interfering Noise, And Subject Experience, NA Whitmal, SF Poissant, RL Freyman, and KS Helfer

Submissions from 2002

Lateralization And Detection Of Pulse Trains With Alternating Interaural Time Delays, U Balakrishnan and RL Freyman

What The Precedence Effect Tells Us About Room Acoustics, RK Clifton, RL Freyman, and J Meo

Submissions from 2001

Multimodal Standardization Of Voice Among Four Multicultural Populations: Fundamental Frequency And Spectral Characteristics, MV Andrianopoulos, KN Darrow, and J Chen

Spatial Release From Informational Masking In Speech Recognition, RL Freyman, U Balakrishnan, and KS Helfer

Firefighters' Hearing: A Comparison With Population Databases From The International Standards Organization, SN Kales, RL Freyman, JM Hill, GN Polyhronopoulos, JM Aldrich, and DC Christiani

Submissions from 2000

Pvcm, Pvcd, Epl, And Irritable Larynx Syndrome: What Are We Talking About And How Do We Treat It?, MV Andrianopoulos, GJ Gallivan, and KH Gallivan

The Construction Of A First Phonology, MM Vihman and SL Velleman

Submissions from 1999

The Role Of Perceived Spatial Separation In The Unmasking Of Speech, RL Freyman, KS Helfer, DD Mccall, and RK Clifton

Selected Management Approaches To Central Auditory Processing Disorders, FE Musiek, JA Baran, and E Schochat

Submissions from 1998

The Influence Of Broadband Noise On The Precedence Effect, YC Chiang and RL Freyman

Intensity Discrimination For Precedence Effect Stimuli, RL Freyman, DD Mccall, and RK Clifton

Sudden Changes In Spectrum Of An Echo Cause A Breakdown Of The Precedence Effect, DD Mccall, RL Freyman, and RK Clifton

Submissions from 1997

Onset Dominance In Lateralization, RL Freyman, PM Zurek, U Balakrishnan, and YC Chiang

Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions: Hit And False-positive Rates In Normal-hearing And Hearing-impaired Subjects, FE Musiek and JA Baran

Submissions from 1996

Consonant Recognition For Spectrally Degraded Speech As A Function Of Consonant-vowel Intensity Ratio, U Balakrishnan, RL Freyman, YC Chiang, GP Nerbonne, and KJ Shea

Hemispheric Specialization In Processing Intonation Contours, JM Perkins, JA Baran, and J Gandour

Submissions from 1994

Listeners Expectations About Echoes Can Raise Or Lower Echo Threshold, RK Clifton, RL Freyman, RY Litovsky, and D Mccall

Cerebral Specialization In Processing Intonation Contours, JM Perkins and J Baran

Submissions from 1992

Potential Benefits Of Adaptive Frequency-gain Characteristics For Speech Reception In Noise, CM Rankovic, RL Freyman, and PM Zurek

Submissions from 1991

Dynamic Processes In The Precedence Effect, RL Freyman, RK Clifton, and RY Litovsky

Aging And Consonant Errors In Reverberation And Noise, KS Helfer and RA Huntley

Submissions from 1989

Effect Of Click Rate And Delay On Breakdown Of The Precedence Effect, RK Clifton and RL Freyman

The Dichotic Rhyme Task - Results In Split-brain Patients, FE Musiek, S Kurdzielschwan, KS Kibbe, KM Gollegly, JA Baran, and WF Rintelmann

Submissions from 1988

Topographic Mapping Of Brain Electrical-activity In The Assessment Of Central Auditory Nervous-system Pathology, JA Baran, RR Long, FE Musiek, and A Ommaya

Submissions from 1985

Effect Of Danazol On Vocal Pitch - A Case-study, PA Mercaitis, RE Peaper, and PA Schwartz

Release From Central Auditory Competition In The Split-brain Patient, FE Musiek, AG Reeves, and JA Baran

Submissions from 1984

Comparison Of The Performances Of A Fluent And A Nonfluent Aphasic On A Pantomimic Referential Task, RJ Duffy, JR Duffy, and PA Mercaitis