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The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Persuasion


To answer many of the most pressing questions in the social sciences, researchers need reliable and valid measures of media exposure that can be implemented in surveys. Despite considerable effort, however, substantial disagreement remains about how best to measure this key concept. This chapter critically reviews the debate surrounding traditional frequency measures of exposure to “news” and contemporary list-based measures of political media exposure. It also evaluates the related debate over how best to capture the effects of media exposure with different observational research designs. Overall, the chapter finds that although substantial progress has been made in measurement and research design, both issues require more attention if scholars are to understand the many and varied effects of media exposure.




Suhay, E., Grofman, B., Trechsel, A., Goldman, S., & Warren, S. Debating How to Measure Media Exposure in Surveys. In The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Persuasion. : Oxford University Press.



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