Invasion and Global Change Meta-analysis Data


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invasion, invasive species, abiotic global environmental changes


We conducted a global meta-analysis to investigate invasions, abiotic global environmental changes, and their combined effects on native species, communities, and ecosystems.We searched the Web of Science Core Collection for articles and reviews that were available in English through September 30, 2020. Search terms were chosen to identify papers reporting impacts of invasions with one of six abiotic global environmental changes (GECs: warming, nitrogen deposition, O2 depletion, drought, CO2 addition, and altered pH). We assessed the titles and abstracts of the 5,662 returned papers and retained those that reported the ecological effects of: (a) one or more invasive species; (b) one or more GECs; (c) both invasive species and a GEC together; and (d) also reported data for a control treatment (no invasion and at current or ambient environmental conditions). From each study, we recorded data on means and variances of each measured response in the three treatments and control; the response measures (categorized into "response classes"); the introduced invasive species and hypothesized mechanism by which the invasion impacted the ecosystem; the type of GEC factor(s) manipulated; the ecosystem setting where the experiment took place (marine, terrestrial, or freshwater); and the type of experiment (laboratory/greenhouse, field, or mesocosm).


Invasion and Global Change Meta-analysis Data