Changes to the Democratic Communiqué

Welcome to the new home for Democratic Communiqué! The journal has moved from its previous host at Florida Atlantic University to its new home at the University of Massachusetts. It was a great pleasure working with Joanne Parandjuk at FAU’s Digital Library during my first term as editor (2018-2020), and I am deeply grateful for everyone at UMass who has helped me transition the Communiqué to its new Scholar Works platform, especially Sut Jhally (Democratic Communiqué Editorial Board Member and Professor Emeritus at UMass), Erin Jerome (Open Access and Institutional Repository Librarian at UMass) and Anne Luca (Consulting Services at bepress).

Our new digital platform is not the only thing that is new starting with this issue. The Communiqué is pleased to welcome our new Associate Editor, Katelyn Lusher. Katelyn is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English & Comparative Literature at the University of Cincinnati and an archivist for Streetvibes, a community news outlet in Cincinnati that advocates for people experiencing homelessness, poverty, as well as other injustices.

However, one thing that is not changing is Democratic Communiqué’s Editor. Yours truly happily accepted another term as editor and I look forward to overseeing the journal during this period of transition. As our affiliated academic and professional institutions, like the world around us, are facing unprecedented challenges during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I ask for your patience in transferring past volumes of the Communiqué to our new platform and smoothing out some style and design issues along the way.

Lastly, I want to thank the peer reviewers from this past year, including Joshua Atkinson (Bowling Green State University), T.C. Corrigan (California State University, San Bernardino), Linda Fuller (Worcester State University), Aaron Heresco (California Lutheran University), Victor Pickard (University of Pennsylvania), Catharine McKercher (Carleton University), Vincent Mosco (Queen’s University), Leslie Regan Shade (University of Toronto), Rhon Teruelle (Purdue University Northwest).

-- Jeffrey Layne Blevins, Editor

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