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Elementary physical education teachers' and students' perceptions of instructional alignment

Alisa R James, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The purpose of the study was to examine students' and teachers' perceptions of instructional alignment in two different units of instruction. Participants were 24 4th grade students and two physical education teachers who turn taught the 4th grade class. Data were collected through field note observations and formal interviews using a semi-structured interview guide with the physical education teachers and 13 students who had participated in both units. Document data were also collected in the form of district curriculum, assessment examples, and task cards. Interview data were analyzed qualitatively. Observational data were analyzed inductively using Cohen's (1987) model of instructional alignment and Doyle's (1977) ecological model. Results indicated that a misalignment existed between the teachers' goals and what the students perceived they were to learn. The misalignment may have occurred as a result of the lack of congruence among the teachers' goals and the fact that students' achievement of the teachers' goals was not tied to a grade.

Subject Area

Physical education|Elementary education

Recommended Citation

James, Alisa R, "Elementary physical education teachers' and students' perceptions of instructional alignment" (2003). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3078695.