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Determining support for new teachers in Namibian schools

Michael Katjirari Tjivikua, University of Massachusetts - Amherst


This study examined the effectiveness of a national support program in Namibia designed to help new teachers improve teaching and enhance student learning. The support activities currently undertaken are short-lived and not effective, therefore not providing teachers with the continual support needed to strengthen and augment their repertoires. The study also examined problems experienced by new teachers in their initial years of teaching. A major problem affecting teachers' competencies in Namibia is the availability of teaching and learning resources. Another impediment perplexing teachers is learner discipline. Teachers need the appropriate skills to be able to adequately deal with these and other problems, so as to create a nurturing environment for teaching and learning. Based on the recommendations teachers made, a national support program for helping teachers deal effectively with aspects of teaching and learning was advanced. Teachers recommended that the support program incorporate induction and mentoring sessions for new teachers. They also strongly recommended that the program effectively deal with competencies in curriculum and instruction. Teachers reiterated the need for access to knowledge, provision of sufficient teaching and learning resources, and opportunities for further education.

Subject Area

School administration,Teacher education

Recommended Citation

Tjivikua, Michael Katjirari, "Determining support for new teachers in Namibian schools" (2002). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3096318.