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Effects of Picture Rehearsal on the behavior of public school children with autism spectrum disorders

Lisa J Wholey, University of Massachusetts Amherst


This study investigated the effects of Picture Rehearsal with and without covert reinforcement on the turn-taking behavior of four children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and placed in a public school. A counterbalanced multiple baseline design across participants was used to examine treatment effects. Data were analyzed using visual analysis and statistical analysis. Visual analysis included an inspection of adjacent phase changes in means, levels, trends, and latency of change. A time-series analysis was used to identify statistically significant trends in the data. Results indicated that the Picture Rehearsal with the covert reinforcement condition was more effective at increasing turn-taking behavior than the Picture Rehearsal without the covert reinforcement condition. These results offer some support for covert conditioning; however, conclusions are limited by a number of factors. Additional research is needed in order to obtain more reliable conclusions.

Subject Area

Special education|Elementary education|Behaviorial sciences

Recommended Citation

Wholey, Lisa J, "Effects of Picture Rehearsal on the behavior of public school children with autism spectrum disorders" (2005). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3163716.