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Dynamics of global supply chain and electric power networks: Models, pricing analysis, and computations

Dmytro Matsypura, University of Massachusetts Amherst


In this dissertation, I develop a new theoretical framework for the modeling, pricing analysis, and computation of solutions to electric power supply chains with power generators, suppliers, transmission service providers, and the inclusion of consumer demands. In particular, I advocate the application of finite-dimensional variational inequality theory, projected dynamical systems theory, game theory, network theory, and other tools that have been recently proposed for the modeling and analysis of supply chain networks (cf. Nagurney (2006)) to electric power markets. This dissertation contributes to the extant literature on the modeling, analysis, and solution of supply chain networks, including global supply chains, in general, and electric power supply chains, in particular, in the following ways. It develops a theoretical framework for modeling, pricing analysis, and computation of electric power flows/transactions in electric power systems using the rationale for supply chain analysis. The models developed include both static and dynamic ones. The dissertation also adds a new dimension to the methodology of the theory of projected dynamical systems by proving that, irrespective of the speeds of adjustment, the equilibrium of the system remains the same. Finally, I include alternative fuel suppliers, along with their behavior into the supply chain modeling and analysis framework. This dissertation has strong practical implications. In an era in which technology and globalization, coupled with increasing risk and uncertainty, complicate electricity demand and supply within and between nations, the successful management of electric power systems and pricing become increasingly pressing topics with relevance not only for economic prosperity but also national security. This dissertation addresses such related topics by providing models, pricing tools, and algorithms for decentralized electric power supply chains. This dissertation is based heavily on the following coauthored papers: Nagurney, Cruz, and Matsypura (2003), Nagurney and Matsypura (2004, 2005, 2006), Matsypura and Nagurney (2005), Matsypura, Nagurney, and Liu (2006).

Subject Area

Operations research|Computer science|Electrical engineering|Energy

Recommended Citation

Matsypura, Dmytro, "Dynamics of global supply chain and electric power networks: Models, pricing analysis, and computations" (2006). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3242365.