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Breaking the cycle of underachievement: An example from school mathematics

Michael J Froning, University of Massachusetts Amherst


There is an inherent contradiction in a system of education in which a significant number of those who are to be taught, do not learn. The schools in the United States have contributed to a generations long pattern of non-achievement which contributes to many of society's ills. The author contends that many of these underachieving students have more ability than they are able to demonstrate easily. An experiment was conducted that empowered remedial mathematics students to pursue some mathematical problems in depth by removing the dual obstacles of poor computational skills and the lack of confidence that their computations produce correct answers. ^

Subject Area

Mathematics education|School counseling|Secondary education

Recommended Citation

Froning, Michael J, "Breaking the cycle of underachievement: An example from school mathematics" (1990). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9022683.