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Analysis and modeling of wind/diesel systems without storage

William Q Jeffries, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Wind power is an attractive additional source of energy in an isolated electric power system consisting of a diesel powered generator and consumer load. When a small wind turbine is added the resulting wind/diesel system works well. The addition of a larger wind turbine may significantly influence the dynamic behavior of the entire system. This dissertation studies the dynamics of a wind/diesel system with no storage. A method to easily examine the dynamic effects of both system and wind turbine sizing is presented. A mathematical model of wind/diesel systems is developed and then generalized using per-unit scaling. Ranges of values for per-unit parameters in the wind/diesel system model, and their relationship to component size is established. The model is implemented in the simulation software called Advanced Continuous Simulation Language. With the computer model the sensitivity of system dynamics to parameter variation, component sizing, and system size is found. In addition, the performance of various governors and voltage regulators is studied. The inertia of the diesel is found to have a strong influence on dynamic behavior of the system. Increasing wind turbine size decreases system damping and slows system dynamics. Increasing system size also decreases damping, but the dominant open loop characteristic frequency of the system increases. Recommendations of how the model developed might be expanded are given.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering|Electrical engineering|Energy

Recommended Citation

Jeffries, William Q, "Analysis and modeling of wind/diesel systems without storage" (1994). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9510487.