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An expert system for the synthesis of solid-liquid-liquid separations

Nikolaos Fotios Giannelos, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The synthesis of separation systems involving solid-liquid-liquid mixtures is an important problem that has not received appreciable attention in the literature of process synthesis in the past. The main objective of this research is the development of a complete design methodology for solid-liquid-liquid separations in the context of total flowsheet synthesis, along with its computer implementation, including the initial synthesis of flowsheet structures, the generation of process alternatives, and a preliminary cost analysis. The implementation part of this work is stressed as a means of testing heuristics and formalizing the design activity. The proposed synthesis approach is heuristic in nature. Separation methods are selected and the interconnections among equipment types are deduced based on expert knowledge in the form of rules. Short-cut calculations are employed for equipment design and cost estimations. The final product of this research has been implemented in a prototype expert system, facilitating the screening of alternative separation schemes and the invention of preliminary flowsheets.

Subject Area

Chemical engineering|Artificial intelligence|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Giannelos, Nikolaos Fotios, "An expert system for the synthesis of solid-liquid-liquid separations" (1997). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9721453.