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Flow and congestion control for reliable multicast communication in wide -area networks

Supratik Bhattacharyya, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Applications involving the reliable transfer of large volumes of data from a source to multiple destinations across wide-area networks are expected to become increasingly important in the near future. A few examples are point-to-multipoint ftp, news distributions, Web caching and software updates. Multicasting technology promises to enhance the capabilities of wide-area networks for Supporting these applications. Flow and congestion control have emerged as one of the biggest challenges in the large-scale deployment of reliable multicast in the Internet. This thesis addresses two specific problems in the design of transport-level flow/congestion control schemes for reliable multicast data transfer: (1) How should feedback-based congestion control schemes be designed for regulating the rate of transmission of data to a single multicast group? (2) How can multiple multicast groups be used to improve the efficiency of bulk data delivery? The first part of this thesis focuses on the design and evaluation of multicast congestion control schemes in which a source regulates its transmission rate in response to packet loss indications from its receivers. We identify and analyze an important problem that arises because a transmitted packet may get lost on one or more of the many end-to-end paths in a multicast tree, and also study its impact on fair bandwidth sharing among co-existing multicast and unicast sessions. An outcome of this work is a fair congestion control approach that scales well to large multicast groups. We also design and examine a prototype protocol that is “TCP-friendly”. The second part of this thesis considers the problem of efficiently transferring data to a large number of destinations in the presence of heterogeneous bandwidth constraints in different parts of a network. We propose a novel approach in which the sender stripes data across multiple multicast groups and transmits it to different sub-groups of receivers at different rates. We also design and evaluate simple and bandwidth-efficient algorithms for determining the transmission rates associated with each multicast group.

Subject Area

Computer science|Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Bhattacharyya, Supratik, "Flow and congestion control for reliable multicast communication in wide -area networks" (2000). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9960737.