Graduate Education in Research Ethics: Case Analysis Workshop

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In a third workshop, you will work with the moral objective of ethical integration which builds upon ethical awareness and ethical evaluation. Two widely used decision-making frameworks will be presented. Thus, using a case presented by a faculty mentor, students will practice the framework by bringing the case to a resolution. You will be provided with decision alternatives that respond generically to ethical problems (gather information, negotiate, oppose, exit, etc.), rank these generic solutions, and then design and justify a decision of your own. This workshop allows you to continue practicing the resolution of moral conflicts (skills developed in the second workshop) and, in addition, to work on integrating moral considerations with practical ones. The case analyses that you develop in this workshop will serve as a preliminary draft. Then you will form work groups that will continue to refine their provisional decisions, analyses, and justifications after the workshop. This will lead to the next activity where your group, along with others, will prepare a poster presentation on your case analysis to be presented in a capstond activity called, the "Graduate Research Ethics Banquet."


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