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In the following study the local climate modifying impact of the man modified environment is to be discussed in detail. Such studies have come in demand nowadays, since the meteorological forecasts have just recently become detailed and accurate enough for this purpose. Furthermore the number and extension of huge sized artificial areas has also radically increased.

The appearance of these highly diversified artificial surfaces to such an extent can modulate the local climate so significantly that it can not be neglected. However, at the same time this extreme diversity of the surfaces and materials makes it very hard to analyse the impacts made on the urban climate, and it eventuates a very complex climate system. This makes forecasting very difficult. In this study the Urban Heat Island (UHI) will be discussed as a case study. The examined area of this study is an inner district of Budapest. The phenomena of the UHI has been well known for about 200 years, but nowadays its impact can be so great in huge cities that it is high time to discuss it as fully as possible.

There are many purposes of such studies, and there are basically two groups of these. In the first case the improved meteorological forecast is the purpose. This means that a so called ‘urban’ factor is also calculated on, which factor can be added to the value of the ordinary meteorological forecast. This can be very important especially when extreme weather occurs, for example when forecasting extreme heatwaves in cities. The other momentous purpose is providing feedback. This means that by understanding the artificial factors causing the UHI, a method can be provided for urban planning in order to decrease this phenomenon as much as possible.



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