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In recent years, the protection of unique landscape features, cultural heritage, cultural and historical landscapes has received increased attention. Landscape elements and unique landscape features, landmarks relating to traditional farming, landscape structure, and cultural history are either rapidly perishing or have already partly disappeared altogether. Hungary is still extremely rich in unique landscape features or values but there is no overall, standardised and accessible source of such kind of information for landscape planners, developers, decision makers or for tourism experts. The overall objective of this project is the database development of a comprehensive Cadastre of Landscape Features (TÉKA) that contributes to the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage. Hungarian authorities and organizations do already have databases that could be potentially connected to the Database of Unique Landscape Features (like Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, National Office of Cultural Heritage, National Parks). These separate data sets are, however, incomplete, fragmented (territorial coverage, detailedness) and have many overlaps. The goal of this project is to develop a standardised online metadatabase for integrating the various available data from different sources.



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