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Tree alleys, specific forms of green corridors, represent a characteristic phenomenon of historic cultural landscape in Slovakia. The research aims to examine the contemporary patterns of tree alleys appearance in cultural landscape of Nitra region and their potential to serve as green corridors, whether providing ecological functions, recreational functions or cultural heritage and aesthetic values, as defined by conceptual framework of greenways theory.

For purposes of identification of contemporary patterns of tree alleys, current aerial photographs were used. The potential of identified cases to serve for certain functions of green corridors was examined in the place. The comparison of current aerial photographs with historical photographs, maps and on-site observation shows that tree alleys disappear from cultural landscape of Nitra region. However, their remnants hold a strong potential for greenway functions provision. Especially in cases when new routing of high-speed roads allows new uses of old roads in landscape, for example for recreational purposes.

The results of the research suggest that more attention should be given to the issues of protection and restoration of tree alleys and to their use as green corridors within the framework of cultural, historical and aesthetic values preservation concepts. The legislative aspects of protection and preservation of tree alleys, within the framework of nature protection and cultural monument protection are discussed, as well as socio-cultural aspects of their preservation - enhancement of motivations and place attachment by multifunctional use of tree alleys as green corridors.



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