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The regions face nowadays with environmental, economic, social expectations and conflicts, they have to manage the contradictory interests of localization and globalization. In this challenging environment the decisions-making is very hard, which provide the regional competitiveness and satisfy the requirements of sustainability. This makes more and more responsibility for the decision makers and planners. The planning system needs changes to be able to make sustainable decisions, to support the coordinated, balanced development of regions and to ensure the spatial competitiveness. We should think the planning methods, the planning thinking, the planning and developing system and the planner’s attitudes over, which allows a high-level resource-management, a more effective conflict-management and increases the plans’ efficiency. Beside the new innovative design approach, the new planner attitudes, the new set of methodology we should turn to local communities and local intangible values.

This study discusses a new approach of landscape planning: the intangible value-, and community-based landscape management. This approach integrates the communities into the landscape planning as the participant of the process and as a development dimension of landscapes. It deals with the communities’ intangible values, the method, and the possibility of developing a regional intangible value frame. It is a hardly researched, but more important issue. As in the Hungarian National Spatial Development Concept (97/2005(XII.25.) is written: a common regional intangible value system - which gives a frame for the planning system- should be developed; it is necessary to ensure the consistency of booming regional planning activities.



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