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Gorce are part of Carpathians – Western Beskidy, Mountains. They are located in Southern Poland, ca. 25km north of High Tatra Mountains. They stretch on approximately 550km². Gorce attract tourists with varying terrain and, most of all, some of the most beautiful open wide views of surrounding mountain chains. The relics of the original Carpathian Forest and the landscape of deeply cut mountain streams are also very valuable. Impressive rock outcroppings and not-yet-explored, numerous caves can also be found here.

The phenomenon of Gorce comes from the unique landscape, shaped by both nature and by man, originally for shepherding, then for agriculture, and nowadays – for cultural tourism. Natural-cultural landscape of Gorce is getting more and more appretiation. On the level of voivodship strategies the landscape it should be becoming the basis of understanding between tourism organisations, touroperators, inhabitants and ecologists. Said landscape should be protected in an integrated, wholistic and not particular, manner; according to the ideas of Jan Gwalbert Pawlikowski, Walery Goetel, Zygmunt Novák, Gerard Ciołek, Janusz Bogdanowski and Maria Łuczyńska-Bruzda.

An example of combining protection and making the landscape available is the idea of creation of cultural tourism trails not through mechanical setting of trails, but by previously creating the conditions favouring the protection and safety of shared natural and cultural resources, by preparing the corridors of special usage and management of said resources.



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